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GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices. In 1992 the current GMP+ Feed Certification scheme started out with this. Afterwards, it developed into a full-fledged certification scheme by integrating ISO quality management requirements, HACCP and other elements.
The + stands for the integration of HACCP: ‘Hazards Analysis and Critical Control Points’. The foundation of the GMP+ systematic is partly determined by continuous improvement according to the principle of the Deming circle ‘Plan, Do, Check, Act’: write down what I’m doing, do what I’ve written down and providing proof that I effectively did it.

Good Manufacturing Practice in Animal Feed Production
For companies with trade connections in the Dutch animal feed industry, the Good Manufacturing Practice System, GMP + for short, that has been around since the beginning of the 1990s isn’t new to them. Proven to be highly efficient, it has also been implemented outside the Netherlands. GMP + monitors and controls the entire animal feed chain in the meat industry – from raw material producers to transport companies to dairymen. If you company produces, handles, or distributes animal feed, then GMP + certification is a step in the right direction.
Benefits at a Glance
GMP + certification from Ind-Expo enables you to:
    Meet the requirements of your international trading partners
    Consolidate your position in the European market
    Improve efficiency within your company
    Reduce risk of liability
    Strengthen your customers’ and partners’ confidence in the quality of your animal


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