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Welcome to Ind-Expo Certification Ltd., (iec)

Ind-Expo Certification Ltd., which is a company established entirely with domestic capital, conducts audit, supervision, certification, inspection and training activities based on numerous management system standards and on the basis of product certification directives and standards. It has been accredited by accreditation bodies from within and outside the Sri Lanka country in relation to these activities and has obtained the necessary powers as a IAF notified body.

The activities of Ind-Expo Certification body can be grouped under three headings: certification studies, training services and inspection and testing studies.
Ind-Expo Certification Ltd gets accreditation  as a new certification body  for its ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System, HACCP .
Ind-Expo Certification Ltd., is a global player in the certification business; we offer a wide range of certification services to assist organisations to penetrate the local, regional, and international markets. Our experienced auditors are from various fields and areas of expertise, which include Quality, Environmental and Safety Management Systems, Food, Medical Devices, Forest Management Chain of Custody, and Sustainability Management System. It is iec’s role as a certification body to provide world class best practices to valued customers for them to excel by continually improving their business through certification.




International Company for Certification & Inspection

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