Ind-Expocertification Ltd (iec)

                                                                                                                      Declaration of Conformity Certificate

Accreditation and notification as a certification body in accordance with ISO/IEC 17065 in may 2019
In addition to accredited and notified testing laboratories and accredited inspection and verification bodies, Ind-Expocertification Limited (iec) also operates a certification body accredited by AIUK .
You can find an overview of the fields of activity of the accredited and notified Ind-Expocertification Limited (iec) certification body in the AIUK accreditation certificate below and in the notified body designation.





Microbiology Testing

Antimicrobial Testing & Quality Assurance
At Ind-Expo Lab®, all of our antimicrobial technologies undergo thorough lab testing prior to deployment. This antimicrobial testing enables us to continually research and develop new technologies, assess the effectiveness of our solutions, and support the development and launch of our customers' antimicrobial products.
Bacteria Testing
Microban's bacterial test lab conducts a plethora of qualitative and quantitative tests according to recognized industry and international standards such as AATCC, ASTM, EPA, ISO, JIS, and FZ/T. Antimicrobial samples are evaluated for performance against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria to determine the scope of performance. Based on customer requests, non-routine challenge organisms such as MRSA, VRE, C. difficile, and Listeria can also be included in testing.
Microban's current testing portfolio includes:

    ISO 22196 antibacterial testing
    ISO 20743 antibacterial testing
    AATCC 100 antibacterial testing
    ASTM E3031 antibacterial testing
    ASTM E1054 neutralization studies
    ISO 22716:2007 Cosmetics - (GMP)


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update:

Surgical Masks (Face Masks)
N95 Respirators

1-FDA and CDC take action to increase access to respirators, including N95s, for health care personnel                                          
2-Test Report according to Chinese standards

Provide certificate and Test Report as Conformity Assessment
With  Use ISO/IEC 17050-1:2004 standard(Conformity assessment -- Supplier's declaration of conformity -- Part 1: General requirements)
You can see an example of this type of certificate below


International Company for Certification & Inspection

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